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Metadata "argument"

The argument metadata property extracts the last argument which is not an object literal, interpreted as a configuration, nor a function, interpreted as a handler, nor an array, converted to multiple actions.

  • Type: boolean|number|string|null
  • Read-only

This metadata is primarily used to implement the short declaration of configuration properties. The argument_to_config metadata property leverages and simplifies its usage. It is supported by several Nikita actions such as the nikita.execute and nikita.fs.mkdir actions.

This property does not provide a complete representation of the user input. Not all arguments are provided and only the last one is interpreted. Refers to the args action property to access the action arguments.


The metadata is available as metadata.argument inside the action handler:'my value', ({metadata}) => {
  // Print `my value`


When writing and registering Nikita actions, the behavior is similar. When an action make use of argument, it is usually a good practice to handle its associated value before the handler is executed, commonly inside the on_action hook. This way, other plugins can honors it.

For example, consider an action which make use of a value configuration declared in the schema definition. For the schema to validate when value is not provided as a configuration property but as a string argument, it must be converted before the schema plugin validate the action:

const value = await nikita
// Register an action
.registry.register('ping', {
  // Register the `on_action` hook
  hooks: {
    on_action: ({config, metadata}) => {
      if(config.value === undefined){
        config.value = metadata.argument
  // Define the configuration schema definition
  metadata: {
    definitions: {
      type: 'object',
      required: ['value']
  // Implement the action, it simply return `value`
  handler: ({config}) => {
    return config.value
// Call the action with a string argument
// Print `pong`
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