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Nikita is designed to help developers and operators to deploy infrastructures and software. It is an automation and deployment orchestration solution that we originally wrote to deploy Big Data infrastructures and distributed applications over it.


You will find across this website resources to get familiar with Nikita's purposes, how to master Nikita and how to contribute to its success.

  • Introduction
    Learn the motivations of software automation and its promises.
  • Architecture
    Understand how the project is organized, use it to understand the source code and to start contributing.
  • Contribute
    Make this project become a success. Help us by providing feedback, reporting issues, improving the documentation, and submitting patches.
  • Developer
    The guide for developers who wants to contribute. Learn the project layout and test execution in different environments.
  • Changelog
    Detailed log history of the current and previous releases.
  • License (MIT)
    The open source and liberal MIT license.
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Nikita is an open source project hosted on GitHub and developed by Adaltas.