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The Nikita API is simple and concise. It also powerful and comes with a lot of functionalities. This section detail the subtleties of the API organized by topics. A lot of efforts were made to illustrate each topic with clear examples.


Before going through the documentation, you must be familiar with the core concept of Nikita described in the tutorial.


The topics of this section are organized by relevance, the first ones being considered as the most relevant ones.

  • Tutorial
    Get started with Nikita's core concepts from installing to using advanced concepts.
  • Call and user-defined handlers
    Nikita gives you the choice between calling your own function, which we call handlers, or calling a registered function by its name.
  • Action promise
    Nikita's actions always return JavaScript Promise and provide the guarantee that all actions are executed sequentially according to their declaration.
  • Status
    The status is information indicating whether an action had any impact or not. Its meaning may differ from one action to another, for example: touching a file, modification of a configuration file, checking if a port is open, ...
  • Local and remote (SSH) execution
    Actions are designed to run transparently either locally or remotely through SSH.
  • Conditions
    Conditions are executed before the action handlers to control and guarantee its execution.
  • Assertions
    Assertions are executed after the action handlers to validate the result of its execution.
  • Debugging and Logging
    Nikita provides multiple mechanisms to report, dive into the logs and intercept instructions. Most of them can be instantaneously activated and you are provided with simple building blocks to quickly write your own.
  • Control Flow
    Nikita runs every action sequentially. This behavior ensures there are no conflicts between two commands executed simultaneously. Moreover, this sequential nature is aligned with SSH which executes one command at a time over a given connection.
  • Error handling
    Nikita rejects errors when they occur with the action promise. When a promise rejects, the control jumps to the closest rejection handler.
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Nikita is an open source project hosted on GitHub and developed by Adaltas.