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Action output

The action output is the value returned by the action handler and available inside a promise.


The action output is returned when its promise is fulfilled, thus, it is accessed using the async/await operators.

.call(async function() {  // Access the action output
  const {who} = await{tools: {log}}) => {    return {who: 'Nikita'}
  // Print the output
  // Outputs the value "Nikita"

Plugin enrichment

This returned value is eventually modified by plugins.

The @nikitajs/core/lib/plugins/output/status plugin enriches the value with the $status property when an object literal is returned and converts the value true to { $status: true } when a boolean value is returned. The @nikitajs/core/lib/plugins/output/logs plugin returns the logs emitted inside the action handler.

Below is the description of those properties when the returned value is an object literal:

  • $status
    A boolean value of the action status.
  • $logs
    An array of objects with logging information of the action execution.

In case the returned value shall be preserved and untouched, the raw_output metadata instructs Nikita to not alter the value returned by the handler.

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