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Action "file.ini"

Write an object as .ini file. Note, we are internally using the [ini] module. However, there is a subtle difference. Any key provided with value of undefined or null will be disregarded. Within a merge, it get more prowerfull and tricky: the original value will be kept if undefined is provided while the value will be removed if null is provided.

The file.ini function rely on the file function and accept all of its configuration. It introduces the merge property which instruct to read the target file if it exists and merge its parsed object with the one provided in the content option.

Options stringify

Available values for the stringify option are:

  • stringify Default, implemented by require('nikita/file/lib/utils/ini').stringify

The default stringify function accepts:

  • separator (string)
    Characteres used to separate keys from values; default to " : ".


  • $status
    Indicate a change in the target file.


const {$status} = await nikita.file.ini({
  content: {
    'my_key': 'my value'
  target: '/tmp/my_file'
})`Content was updated: ${$status}`)

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        oneOf: [
          type: 'string'
          typeof: 'function'
        description: '''
        Create a backup, append a provided string to the filename extension or
        a timestamp if value is not a string, only apply if the target file
        exists and is modified.
        type: 'boolean'
        default: true
        description: '''
        Remove all the lines whithout a key and a value, default to "true".
        type: 'object'
        default: {}
        description: '''
        Object to stringify.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Characters for line delimiter, usage depends on the stringify option,
        with  the default stringify option, default to unix style if executed
        remotely  (SSH) or to the platform if executed locally ("\r\n for
        windows",  "\n" otherwise). The name stands for End Of Line.
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/ini/read#/definitions/config/properties/encoding'
        default: 'utf8'
        type: 'boolean'
        default: true
        description: '''
        Escape the section's header title replace '.' by '\.'; "true" by
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/index#/definitions/config/properties/gid'
        type: 'boolean'
        description: '''
        Read the source file locally if it exists.
        type: 'boolean'
        description: '''
        Read the target if it exists and merge its content.
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/index#/definitions/config/properties/mode'
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/ini/read#/definitions/config/properties/parse'
        typeof: 'function'
        description: '''
        User-defined function to stringify the content to ini format, default
        to `require('ini').stringify`, see
        'nikita.file.utils.ini.stringify\_brackets\_then_curly' for an
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/ini/read#/definitions/config/properties/target'
        description: '''
        Path to a ini file providing default options; lower precedence than
        the content object; may be used conjointly with the local option;
        optional, use should_exists to enforce its presence.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        File path where to write content to or a callback.
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/file/src/index#/definitions/config/properties/uid'
    required: ['content', 'target']


handler = ({config, tools: {log}}) ->
  org_props = {}
  default_props = {}
  parse = config.parse or utils.ini.parse
  # Original properties
    {data} = await @fs.base.readFile
      encoding: config.encoding
    org_props = parse data, config
  catch err
    throw err unless err.code is 'NIKITA_FS_CRS_TARGET_ENOENT'
  # Default properties
  try if config.source
    {data} = await @fs.base.readFile
      $if: config.source
      $ssh: false if config.local
      $sudo: false if config.local
      target: config.source
      encoding: config.encoding
    content = utils.object.clean config.content, true
    config.content = merge parse(data, config), config.content
  catch err
    throw err unless err.code is 'NIKITA_FS_CRS_TARGET_ENOENT'
  # Merge
  if config.merge
    config.content = merge org_props, config.content
    log message: "Get content for merge", level: 'DEBUG'
  if config.clean
    log message: "Clean content", level: 'INFO'
    utils.object.clean config.content
  log message: "Serialize content", level: 'DEBUG'
  stringify = config.stringify or utils.ini.stringify
  await @file
    content: stringify config.content, config
    backup: config.backup
    diff: config.diff
    eof: config.eof
    gid: config.gid
    uid: config.uid
    mode: config.mode


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    definitions: definitions


utils = require '../utils'
{merge} = require 'mixme'
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