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Nikita "ipa" package

The "ipa" package provides Nikita actions for various FreeIPA operations.

Running the test

The tests require a local LXD client. On a Linux hosts, you can follow the installation instructions. On non Linux hosts, you can setup the client to communicate with a remote LXD server hosted on a virtual machine. You will however have to mount the project directory into the "/nikita" folder of the virtual machine. The provided Vagrantfile definition inside "@nikitajs/core/env/cluster/assets" will set you up.

# For windows and osx user
../lxd/bin/cluster start
export NIKITA_HOME=/nikita
# Start the server
coffee ./env/ipa/
# Run all the tests
lxc exec freeipa --cwd /nikita/packages/ipa npm test
# Run selected tests
lxc exec freeipa --cwd /nikita/packages/ipa npx mocha test/user/
# Enter the IPA container
lxc exec freeipa --cwd /nikita/packages/ipa bash
npm test


Permission denied on tmp

FreeIPA install issue

[1/29]: configuring certificate server instance
[error] IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/tmp_Tm1l_'

Host must have fs.protected_regular set to 0, eg echo '0' > /proc/sys/fs/protected_regular && sysctl -p && sysctl -a. In our Physical -> VM -> LXD setup, the parameters shall be set in the VM, no restart is required to install the FreeIPA server, just uninstall it first with ipa-server-install --uninstall before re-executing the install command.


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