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Action "fs.copy"

Copy a file. The behavior is similar to the one of the cp Unix utility. Copying a file over an existing file will overwrite it.


  • err
    Error object if any.
  • status
    Value is "true" if copied file was created or modified.


  • Apply permissions to directories
  • Handle symlinks
  • Handle globing
  • Preserve permissions if mode is true


const {$status} = await nikita.fs.copy({
  source: '/etc/passwd',
  target: '/etc/passwd.bck',
  uid: 'my_user',
  gid: 'my_group',
  mode: '0755'
})`File was copied: ${$status}`)


on_action = ({config, metadata}) ->
  config.parent ?= {}
  config.parent = {} if config.parent is true

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/chown#/definitions/config/properties/gid'
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/chmod#/definitions/config/properties/mode'
        oneOf: [
          type: 'boolean'
          type: 'object'
              $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/mkdir#/definitions/config/properties/gid'
              $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/mkdir#/definitions/config/properties/mode'
              $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/mkdir#/definitions/config/properties/uid'
        description: '''
        Create parent directory with provided attributes if an object or
        default system config if "true", supported attributes include 'mode',
        'uid', 'gid', 'size', 'atime', and 'mtime'.
        type: 'boolean'
        default: false
        description: '''
        Preserve file ownerships and permissions.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        The file or directory to copy.
        type: 'object'
        description: '''
        Short-circuit to prevent source stat retrieval if already at our
        properties: require('./base/stat')
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Where the file or directory is copied.
        type: 'object'
        description: '''
        Short-circuit to prevent target stat retrieval if already at our
        properties: require('./base/stat')
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/src/actions/fs/chown#/definitions/config/properties/uid'
    required: ['source', 'target']


handler = ({config, tools: {$status, log, path}}) ->
  # Retrieve stats information about the source unless provided through the "source_stats" option.
  if config.source_stats
    log message: "Source Stats: using short circuit", level: 'DEBUG'
    source_stats = config.source_stats
    log message: "Stats source file #{config.source}", level: 'DEBUG'
    {stats: source_stats} = await @fs.base.stat target: config.source
  # Retrieve stat information about the traget unless provided through the "target_stats" option.
  if config.target_stats
    log message: "Target Stats: using short circuit", level: 'DEBUG'
    target_stats = config.target_stats
    log message: "Stats target file #{}", level: 'DEBUG'
      {stats: target_stats} = await @fs.base.stat target:
    catch err
      # Target file doesn't necessarily exist
      throw err unless err.code is 'NIKITA_FS_STAT_TARGET_ENOENT'
  # Create target parent directory if target does not exists and if the "parent"
  # config is set to "true" (default) or as an object.
  await @fs.mkdir
    $if: !!config.parent
    $unless: target_stats
    $shy: true
    target: path.dirname
  , config.parent
  # Stop here if source is a directory. We traverse all its children
  # Recursively, calling either `fs.mkdir` or `fs.copy`.
  # Like with the Unix `cp` command, ending slash matters if the target directory
  # exists. Let's consider a source directory "/tmp/a_source" and a target directory
  # "/tmp/a_target". Without an ending slash , the directory "/tmp/a_source" is
  # copied into "/tmp/a_target/a_source". With an ending slash, all the files
  # present inside "/tmp/a_source" are copied inside "/tmp/a_target".
  res = await @call $shy: true, ->
    return unless utils.stats.isDirectory source_stats.mode
    sourceEndWithSlash = config.source.lastIndexOf('/') is config.source.length - 1
    if target_stats and not sourceEndWithSlash = path.resolve, path.basename config.source
    log message: "Source is a directory", level: 'INFO'
    {files} = await @fs.glob "#{config.source}/**", dot: true
    for source in files then await do (source) =>
      target = path.resolve, path.relative config.source, source
      {stats} = await @fs.base.stat target: source
      uid = config.uid
      uid ?= stats.uid if config.preserve
      gid = config.gid
      gid ?= stats.gid if config.preserve
      mode = config.mode
      mode ?= stats.mode if config.preserve
      if utils.stats.isDirectory stats.mode
        await @fs.mkdir
          target: target
          uid: uid
          gid: gid
          mode: mode
        await @fs.copy
          target: target
          source: source
          source_stat: stats
          uid: uid
          gid: gid
          mode: mode
    end: true
  return res.$status if res.end
  # If source is a file and target is a directory, then transform target into a file.
  await @call $shy: true, ->
    return unless target_stats and utils.stats.isDirectory target_stats.mode = path.resolve, path.basename config.source
  # Compute the source and target hash
  {hash} = await @fs.hash config.source
  hash_source = hash
    {hash} = await @fs.hash
    hash_target = hash
  catch err
    throw err unless err.code is 'NIKITA_FS_STAT_TARGET_ENOENT'
  # Copy a file if content match with source
  if hash_source is hash_target
    log message: "Hash matches as '#{hash_source}'", level: 'INFO'
    log message: "Hash dont match, source is '#{hash_source}' and target is '#{hash_target}'", level: 'WARN'
    await @fs.base.copy
      source: config.source
    log message: "File copied from #{config.source} into #{}", level: 'INFO' if $status
  # File ownership and permissions
  config.uid ?= source_stats.uid if config.preserve
  config.gid ?= source_stats.gid if config.preserve
  config.mode ?= source_stats.mode if config.preserve
  await @fs.chown
    $if: config.uid? or config.gid?
    stats: target_stats
    uid: config.uid
    gid: config.gid
  await @fs.chmod
    $if: config.mode?
    stats: target_stats
    mode: config.mode


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    on_action: on_action
    definitions: definitions


utils = require '../../utils'
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