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Action "call"

A generic action to call user defined action. It expects the action as a parameter. It can be the object representing the action or only the handler function. Alternatively, a string is interpreted as the path to module which is then required and executed.

Passing an action

const {key} = await{
  config: {
    key: 'value'
  handler: ({config}) => config.key
assert(key === 'value')

Passing a function

const key = await () => 'value' )
assert(key === 'value')

You can also provide the fuction among other arguments:

const key = await {
  key: 'value'
}, ({config}) => {
  return config.key
assert(key === 'value')

Using a module path

const value = await nikita(function(){
  await this.fs.base.writeFile({
    content: 'module.exports = ({config}) => "my secret"',
    target: '/tmp/my_module'
  return '/tmp/my_module' )
assert(value === 'value')


module.exports =
    on_action: (action) ->
      return unless typeof action.metadata.argument is 'string'
      mod = action.metadata.argument
      if typeof mod is 'string'
        # When metadata.argument is a string,
        # `call` consider it to be the module name to load.
        mod = path.resolve process.cwd(), mod if mod.substr(0, 1) is '.'
        mod = require.main.require mod
        # The loaded action can have its own interpretation of an argument.
        # In order to avoid any conflict, we simply remove the
        # `action.metadata.argument` property.
        # We shall probably also clean up the action.args array.
        action.metadata.module = action.metadata.argument
        action.metadata.argument = undefined
      on_action = mod.hooks?.on_action
      mod = handler: mod if typeof mod is 'function'
      mutate action, mod, metadata: module: action.metadata.argument
      action = null, action if on_action


path = require 'path'
{mutate} = require 'mixme'
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