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Action ""

Read and parse the group definition file located in "/etc/group".

Output parameters

  • groups
    An object where keys are the group names and values are the groups properties. See the parameter group for a list of available properties.
  • group Properties associated witht the group, only if the input parameter gid is provided. Available properties are:
    • group (string)
      Name of the group.
    • password (string)
      Group password as a result of the crypt function, rarely used.
    • gid (string)
      The numerical equivalent of the group name. It is used by the operating system and applications when determining access privileges.
    • users (array[string])
      List of users who are members of this group.


Retrieve all groups informations:

const {groups} = await"Available groups:", groups)

Retrieve information of an individual group:

const {group} = await{
  gid: 1
})"The group found:", group)

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/core/lib/actions/fs/chown#/definitions/config/properties/gid'
        description: '''
        Retrieve the information for a specific group name or gid.
        type: 'string'
        default: '/etc/group'
        description: '''
        Path to the group definition file, default to "/etc/group".


handler = ({config, metadata, state, tools: {log}}) ->
  config.gid = parseInt config.gid, 10 if typeof config.gid is 'string' and /\d+/.test config.gid
  # Parse the groups output
  str2groups = (data) ->
    groups = {}
    for line in utils.string.lines data
      line = /(.*)\:(.*)\:(.*)\:(.*)/.exec line
      continue unless line
      groups[line[1]] = group: line[1], password: line[2], gid: parseInt(line[3]), users: if line[4] then line[4].split ',' else []
  # Fetch the groups information
    {stdout} = await @execute
      command: 'getent group'
    groups = str2groups stdout
    {data} = await @fs.base.readFile
      encoding: 'ascii'
    groups = str2groups data
  # Return all the groups
  return groups: groups unless config.gid
  # Return a group by name
  if typeof config.gid is 'string'
    group = groups[config.gid]
    throw Error "Invalid Option: no gid matching #{JSON.stringify config.gid}" unless group
    group: group
  # Return a group by gid
    group = Object.values(groups).filter((group) -> group.gid is config.gid)[0]
    throw Error "Invalid Option: no gid matching #{JSON.stringify config.gid}" unless group
    group: group


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    definitions: definitions


utils = require '../utils'
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