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Action "ldap.schema"

Register a new ldap schema.


const {$status} = await nikita.ldap.schema({
  uri: 'ldap://openldap.server/',
  binddn: 'cn=admin,cn=config',
  passwd: 'password',
  name: 'kerberos',
  schema: '/usr/share/doc/krb5-server-ldap-1.10.3/kerberos.schema'
})`Schema created or modified: ${$status}`)

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Common name of the schema.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Path to the schema definition.
      # General LDAP connection information
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Distinguished Name to bind to the LDAP directory.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Password for simple authentication.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        LDAP Uniform Resource Identifier(s), "ldapi:///" if true, default to
        false in which case it will use your openldap client environment


handler = ({config, metadata: {tmpdir}, tools: {log}}) ->
  # Auth related config
  binddn = if config.binddn then "-D #{config.binddn}" else ''
  passwd = if config.passwd then "-w #{config.passwd}" else ''
  config.uri = 'ldapi:///' if config.uri is true
  uri = if config.uri then "-H #{config.uri}" else '' # URI is obtained from local openldap conf unless provided
  # Schema related config
  throw Error "Missing name" unless
  throw Error "Missing schema" unless config.schema
  config.schema = config.schema.trim()
  schema = "#{tmpdir}/#{}.schema"
  conf = "#{tmpdir}/schema.conf"
  ldif = "#{tmpdir}/ldif"
  {$status} = await @execute
    command: """
    ldapsearch -LLL #{binddn} #{passwd} #{uri} -b \"cn=schema,cn=config\" \
    | grep -E cn=\\{[0-9]+\\}#{},cn=schema,cn=config
    code: [1, 0]
  return false unless $status
  await @system.mkdir
    target: ldif
  log message: 'Directory ldif created', level: 'DEBUG'
  await @system.copy
    source: config.schema
    target: schema
  log message: 'Schema copied', level: 'DEBUG'
  await @file
    content: "include #{schema}"
    target: conf
  log message: 'Configuration generated', level: 'DEBUG'
  await @execute
    command: "slaptest -f #{conf} -F #{ldif}"
  log message: 'Configuration validated', level: 'DEBUG'
  {$status} = await @fs.move
    source: "#{ldif}/cn=config/cn=schema/cn={0}#{}.ldif"
    target: "#{ldif}/cn=config/cn=schema/cn=#{}.ldif"
    force: true
  throw Error 'No generated schema' unless $status
  log message: 'Configuration renamed', level: 'DEBUG'
  await @file
    target: "#{ldif}/cn=config/cn=schema/cn=#{}.ldif"
    write: [
      match: /^dn: cn.*$/mg
      replace: "dn: cn=#{},cn=schema,cn=config"
      match: /^cn: {\d+}(.*)$/mg
      replace: 'cn: $1'
      match: /^structuralObjectClass.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^entryUUID.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^creatorsName.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^createTimestamp.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^entryCSN.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^modifiersName.*/mg
      replace: ''
      match: /^modifyTimestamp.*/mg
      replace: ''
  log message: 'File ldif ready', level: 'DEBUG'
  await @execute
    command: "ldapadd #{uri} #{binddn} #{passwd} -f #{ldif}/cn=config/cn=schema/cn=#{}.ldif"
  log message: "Schema added: #{}", level: 'INFO'


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    tmpdir: true
    global: 'ldap'
    definitions: definitions
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