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Action "krb5.addprinc"

Create a new Kerberos principal with a password or an optional keytab.


const {$status} = await nikita.krb5.addprinc({
  admin: {
    password: 'pass',
    principal: 'me/admin@MY_REALM',
    server: 'localhost'
  keytab: '/etc/security/keytabs/my.service.keytab',
  gid: 'myservice',
  principal: 'myservice/my.fqdn@MY.REALM',
  randkey: true,
  uid: 'myservice'
})`Principal was created or modified: ${$status}`)

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/krb5/src/execute#/definitions/config/properties/admin'
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Path to the file storing key entries.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Password associated to this principal.
        type: 'boolean'
        default: false
        description: '''
        Wether the password should be created if the principal already exists.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Principal to be created.
        type: 'boolean'
        description: '''
        Generate a random key.
    required: ['admin', 'principal']
    oneOf: [
      {required: ['password']}
      {required: ['randkey']}


handler = ({config}) ->
  # Normalize realm and principal for later usage of config
  config.admin.realm ?= config.admin.principal.split('@')[1] if /.*@.*/.test config.admin?.principal
  config.principal = "#{config.principal}@#{config.admin.realm}" unless /^\S+@\S+$/.test config.principal
  # Start execution
  {$status} = await @krb5.execute
    $shy: true
    admin: config.admin
    command: "getprinc #{config.principal}"
    grep: new RegExp "^.*#{utils.regexp.escape config.principal}$"
  unless $status
    await @krb5.execute
      $retry: 3
      admin: config.admin
      command: if config.password
      then "addprinc -pw #{config.password} #{config.principal}"
      else "addprinc -randkey #{config.principal}"
  if config.password and config.password_sync
    cache_name = "/tmp/nikita_#{Math.random()}" # Ticket cache location
    await @krb5.execute
      $retry: 3
      # Test the user password
      # On success, write the ticket to a temporary location before cleanup
      $unless_execute: "if ! echo #{config.password} | kinit '#{config.principal}' -c '#{cache_name}'; then exit 1; else kdestroy -c '#{cache_name}'; fi"
      admin: config.admin
      command: "cpw -pw #{config.password} #{config.principal}"
  return unless !!config.keytab
  await @krb5.ktadd config


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    global: 'krb5'
    definitions: definitions


utils = require '@nikitajs/core/lib/utils'
{mutate} = require 'mixme'
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