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Action "docker.load"

Load Docker images.


  • err
    Error object if any.
  • $status
    True if container was loaded.
  • stdout
    Stdout value(s) unless stdout option is provided.
  • stderr
    Stderr value(s) unless stderr option is provided.


const {$status} = await nikita.docker.load({
  image: 'nikita/load_test:latest',
  machine: machine,
  source: source + "/nikita_load.tar"
})`Image was loaded: ${$status}`);

Schema definitions

definitions =
    type: 'object'
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        If provided, will check if attached input archive to checksum already
        exist, not native to docker but implemented to get better performance.
        $ref: 'module://@nikitajs/docker/src/tools/execute#/definitions/docker'
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        TAR archive file to read from.
        type: 'string'
        description: '''
        Alias for the "input" option.


handler = ({config, tools: {log}}) ->
  # Validate parameters
  config.input ?= config.source
  throw Error 'Missing input parameter' unless config.input?
  command = "load -i #{config.input}"
  # need to records the list of image to see if status is modified or not after load
  # for this we print the existing images as REPOSITORY:TAG:IMAGE
  # parse the result to record images as an array of   {'REPOSITORY:TAG:'= 'IMAGE'}
  images = {}
  delete config.command
  log message: 'Storing previous state of image', level: 'INFO'
  log message: 'No checksum provided', level: 'INFO' if !config.checksum?
  log message: "Checksum provided :#{config.checksum}", level: 'INFO' if config.checksum
  config.checksum ?= ''
  {stdout} = await
    command: "images | grep -v '<none>' | awk '{ print $1\":\"$2\":\"$3 }'"
  # skip header line, wi skip it here instead of in the grep  to have
  # an array with at least one not empty line
  if utils.string.lines(stdout).length > 1
    for image in utils.string.lines stdout
      image = image.trim()
      if image != ''
        infos = image.split(':')
        # if image is here we skip
        log message: "Image already exist checksum :#{config.checksum}, repo:tag \"#{infos[0]}:#{infos[1]}\"", level: 'INFO' if infos[2] == config.checksum
        return false if infos[2] == config.checksum
        images["#{infos[0]}:#{infos[1]}"] = "#{infos[2]}"
  log message: "Start Loading #{config.input} ", level: 'INFO'
    command: command
  {stdout, stderr} = await
    command: 'images | grep -v \'<none>\' | awk \'{ print $1":"$2":"$3 }\''
  new_images = {}
  status = false
  log message: 'Comparing new images', level: 'INFO'
  if utils.string.lines(stdout).length > 1
    for image in utils.string.lines stdout.toString()
      if image != ''
        infos = image.split(':')
        new_images["#{infos[0]}:#{infos[1]}"] = "#{infos[2]}"
  for new_k, new_image of new_images
    if !images[new_k]?
      status = true
      for k, image of images
        if image != new_image && new_k == k
          status = true
          log message: 'Identical images', level: 'INFO'
  $status: status, stdout: stdout, stderr: stderr


module.exports =
  handler: handler
    global: 'docker'
    definitions: definitions


utils = require './utils'
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