Option "retry" (number|boolean, optional, 1)

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Setting the "retry" option provides control over how many time an action is re-scheduled on error before it is finally treated as a failure.

It is commonly used conjointly with the "attempt" option which provide an indicator over how many times an action was rescheduled.


The default value is "1" which means that actions are not rescheduled on error.

If provided as an number, the value must be superior or equal to 1. For example, the value 3 means the action will be executed at maximum 3 times. If the third time the action fail, then it will be treated by the Nikita session as a failed action.

count = 0
.call({ attempt: 3 }, function(){
  assert(count, 3)

Set the value as true for an unlimited number of retries. The value false is the same as 1.